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Our Vision

As a provider, our core aim is to support each person in our care, to achieve their personal best, promoting independence – as defined by them, ensuring that the person is at the centre of their care requirements. We achieve this by implementing our ethos on a daily basis, which is to actively empower each individual to set and accomplish their personal goals. 

We achieve this through promoting skills training, education and work-based activities while providing a home, which is non-institutionalized, accessible and safe.

Chase House embraces an ethos of inclusion. Families and loved ones have a hugely crucial role to play and, as such, are our partners and never an inconvenience and the home encourages their support.


Chase House was built around the 1850’s

Chase House was built around the 1850’s as a manor house to Chase Farm , built with the Arlesey white brick from the local brick yard that was in the village at the time.It was later a Doctors home and surgery. It was then sold privately to the Dando family, who live at Chase House for a number of years before it was sold on again to another family. Chase house was then purchased again by McGuire Family, this time to become a nursing home in the 1984’s featured only 11 rooms.

1986, an extension was added to the property to facilitate 36 beds.

IN 2008 and additional extension took place to enable the company to facilitate 50 beds.

All rooms have a high ceiling giving them a spacious  and airy  feel. Most rooms have  en-suite facilities, some have wet room areas  incorporated,  Bedrooms are furnished and decorated to a high standard.  There is a large private, secure garden where residents can sit and enjoy the leafy surroundings, grow vegetables, observe the home’s chickens, doves and small animal enclosures.

The house is within walking distance of local shops, amenities and public transport services. 


From the moment that we receive a referral for a placement we establish communication with the individual’s family unless they do not wish to be involved in the assessment process. This means that we invite the family and the individual to the home for an initial look at the facilities offered and to meet our team. An open line of dialogue is created so that families feel empowered to ask any questions and to express concerns or wishes. Often close family members advocate on behalf of their loved one or have worries about how the individual will adapt to their new home environment. After all, change is scary for all of us ,and we understand that. Only by being fully informed can families and their loved one make a decision that is right for them.

We believe that families and friends are an invaluable source of information. No-one knows an individual as well as those closest to them. Insights and preferences, life history, hobbies and matters that are important to the individual can sometimes be shared with us more fully by family members, especially if their loved one finds verbal communication to be a challenge or if their memory is poor. Memories are precious and we would like to learn about the memorable moments that are important to the person – all of this makes the individual who they are today. Working in partnership with families as well as the individual in care planning produces a more holistic and comprehensive pathway.

Communication is key. Three words that summarise the entire partnership between ourselves and the loved ones of the individuals we support. It is essential that strong communication is in place to form a bridge between families and staff teams. That bridge helps to avoid rocky roads where anxiety and disharmony could take hold. After all, it can be stressful and emotional entrusting the care and support of someone you love into the hands of others. By us being approachable–letting families know that we are there to support them, that they can talk to us at any time–we hope to alleviate concerns, discuss expectations and to be friendly and flexible.

The people who live with us are not living in our workplace. We are working in their home. They are free to invite their families and friends into their home for a cuppa or to enjoy the gardens with them. We minimise rules about visiting to, for example, the need to sign in which is a legal requirement, and to the consideration of others living alongside the individual. There will always be a warm, genuine welcome from staff. We have an ‘open door’ approach to visiting, just as we all expect within our own homes outside of care.

We work hard to ensure that Chase House is exactly that – homely! To achieve this, we choose furnishings for our public areas such as lounges that are not clinical or generic in style. We encourage the displaying of items and pictures that have meaning to the individuals who live there. Our gardens are created and maintained with the help of those individuals who are able and wish to. There are sensory areas and places to simply sit and be. Where we are required to display certificates of registration, fire, health and safety etc, we endeavour to do so discreetly. Individuals are encouraged and empowered to decide how they wish their bedroom to look and arranged to their preferences.

We understand that it is not always possible to visit and so we ensure that alternative means of communication are accessible. These include Skype video calls, email and telephone calls between individuals and their loved ones.

Invitations are extended to families to events within the homes that are varied and regular. These include invitations to meetings, celebrations, seasonal parties, special activities and charity fund-raiser coffee mornings. Provision of a private room for family celebrations, usually our on-site pub/social club room.

Our Team

We believe that our employees represent our greatest asset. By providing opportunities, facilities and financial support for training, the service aims to ensure that all of its employees are in possession of the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to perform their jobs to the highest standard. To this end, the service is committed to functioning as a learning organisation, providing all of its employees with the opportunity for training and re-training in accordance with their own needs and that of our homes.Without a skilled, committed and well-trained staff team, the service cannot possibly succeed in its aim to provide high-quality care.A planned programme for the training and development of staff is essential to ensure good practice and the provision of a quality service for our residents.

Dawn McGuire

Registered Manager

I have worked at Chase House since I was 17yrs old, with a break of 3 years to start a family. My service history is of 33yrs, I have had many roles within this time at Chase House, starting as a carer then Cook followed on to Activity Co ordinator, progressing to a senior post within this role. Takeing on the Deputyship in 2019 , progressing further to Registered Manager in 2020

Chloe Needham

Deputy Manager

Chloe is a registered nurse who has worked previously for the NHS. She has worked in most clinical care settings and has a wealth of knowledge and experience . Chloe Joined the team as Deputy Manager and Clinical lead in 2020.

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Nursing and Care Staff

The Nursing and Care staff are a multi - skilled and qualified team , trained to a high standard .Their aim is to ensure that the people they are looking after are treated with dignity and respect , kindness and compassion. Every member of the teams main role is to look after the physical , emotional, cultural and social needs of everyone in their care , by using a person centre care approach.

We have an activities timetable filled with stimulating group and person-centred activities Everything we do is decided by residents and we like to keep things spontaneous. We’ll alter planned activities if people are in the mood to do something else. We’ll also make the most of a nice day by enjoying our lovely garden or a trip out on our own minibus – whatever residents are keen to do. We are happy to promote old and new hobbies , welcome all new ideas and thoughts to the programme. We acknowledge and understand that some people may wish to participate less that others , activities are tailored to a level that is achievable to the person. Family members are welcome to join us within the home , Relatives and friends can join in with outside activities if they so wish by appointment. Chase House Acknowledges the importance of inclusion of families, friends and keeping in touch with the community .

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Environmental Health - Our rating Is level 4 in 2020

Care Quality Commission – Rating: Good.
Chase House is now owned by RITE CARE GROUP, A dedicated, high quality Nursing and Residental Health Care Specialists